Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lolita DIY: cute hair bow!

I got inspired by some kawaii hair clips I found in the store!

Firstly, roll a piece of polymer clay into a ball, and then flatten it. ロール粘土にボールと平らにする

Next, make two tear-drop shapes, and attach them to the sides.作る2涙図形と添付するそれら

using a ball tool or the end of a pin, make round indents in the side of the bow. 作るインデントでサイド

Bake your bow in the oven to harden 焼くへ固まる

finally, hot glue the hardened bow to a hair clip

Here is the final product, modelled on my twilight sparkle plush <3

Sayōnara! さようなら!

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