Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cheap lolita fashion

Konnichiwa こんにちは

This post is going to be about cheap places for lolita fashion, for all you super savers out there! (I'm a super saver and i'm proud lol) Here is a list and description:

1. Ebay
I found this super cute lolita dress for a reasonable price here on ebay:

You can get many others for a good price on ebay aswell! Ebay is one of my favourite place for lolita dresses!

2. Bodyline
Bodyline isn't as cheap as ebay, but if you want good quality lolita dresses this is definitely the place for you!
 Here is the link:

3. Amazon
Amazon doesn't really do a ton of lolita clothing, and I wouldn't really call the lolita on this one super saving.
But when they do sell stuff, it is always very good quality.
Here is a link to a cute wig:

I found these super lolita lace shorts on this site for only £8.98! Here is the link:
Milanoo does more lolita stuff aswell!

And this concludes my post!
Sayōnara! さようなら

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